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Computer repair

At Computer Services For You we can fix almost any computer you through at us. We can do thing from removing malware and bloatware to system backups and part replacements.

Software development

We also have the knowledge to work with your software. We can make customs programs and automate repetitive tasks.


We have the capability to make your software collaborate


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Why Computer Services For You

Why should you choose us, because:

Experience: We have over 20 years experience in the field of computer science and are well-versed in programs such as:
Epic Bridges, Intersystems Ensemble Interface Engine, Info Cloverleaf Interface Engine, IntraVet, Gazelle, and Amazing Charts.

We have helped multiple businesses and people over the year, such as:
Nursing Homes, Machine shops, Convalescent Centers, Physician Offices, Animal Hospitals, Home Offices, and Home Users